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Citizen Monthly Archive

In addition to archiving all issues of Citizen Monthly here on the Archived the Old Earth Network [OEN:] we have mobile versions available if you would want to take your copy with you when you hit the skies.

Download it to your Mobi-device now in our standard Pan-Definition Format.

Star Citizen Monthly - Issue# 2944-01
Issue# 2944-01 – Incoming editor Randall Marcus explains the recent shakeup at Citizen Monthly and lays out his vision for taking the people’s periodical to the next level of integrity and value. You’ll also find learn about the seedy side of mining from investigative journalist Jackson Morre as he rides along with a crew of claim jumpers in this first installment of his report.

On the lighter side, see where our travel editor is off to next in Rolinda duBarge report on the Resorts of Cassel, and find out what new jobs await independent pilots in 2944. All of this plus interviews with the Citizens and Civilians alike that make our society run. Download straight to your mobi-device today, or look for our print versions on a corner stall or outpost near you.


Star Citizen Monthly - Issue# 2944-02
Issue# 2944-02 – Explore the unknown as staff explorer Jacob Wells photographs the distant Gideon’s Bow Nuebula, and Jackson Morre concludes his report on illegal claim jumpers in the Kilian System. Plus find out what happens when the top Arena Commander pilots compete for the top ranking in this month’s Terran Arena Invitational.

We also bring you a report on Looking Glass Command, an organization on the rim of morality fighting for those who are put to work against their will.See what lengths they will go to help free the enslaved and learn what widely accepted corporations may be behind the plight of these victims.


All digital issues of Citizen Monthly Magazine are copyright property of Unified Publishing Interstellar and may not be altered, copied, sold, or distributed through any means beyond this archive location. This includes but is not limited too print, mobi-devices, and subspace encrypted communication bots.