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PROFILE: Danning Security Enterprises

PROFILE: Danning Security Enterprises

In this installment of Business Profiles we pull away the curtain to Danning Security Enterprises, an up-and-coming UEE enforcement enterprise offering potent but discreet support to those looking to enhance the safety of their fleet. Founded in 2934 by owner Maxwell Danning, DSE has quickly become a powerful player in the areas of support and interdiction.

“We have always held the belief that no cargo is too small or too risky for our care,” Maxwell is quick to offer when asked about his company’s core foundations. “Risk is not your concern anymore, it’s our’s. We ask no questions and instead guide the path to your destination, wherever it might be.”

From their headquarters on New Austin, Danning Security offers a broad range of ships in their private fleet, from the iconic rigidity of Hornet rows to entire squads of 300’s and Mustang’s for lighter work. “Even the safest of lanes occasionally need a show of skilled force and a watchful eye. Our pilots are experienced and will keep potential threats as well as curious onlookers at a secure distance from your property.”

Danning Security also sports a number of re-enforced shipping vessels available for contract for those needing additional cargo options. These ships are also available for the practice of jump-baiting, a common tactic today meant to draw out possible threats from a jumppoint exit before the rest of the convoy proceeds through.

“Our goal is to keep the potentials guessing. Always. If they emerge at the wrong time now, they may hesitate in the future. And often that hesitation is enough to expose their weakness.”

And those goals are paying off, as DSE turned a third straight quarter of incremental profit and growth, an accomplishment made more impressive by the number of new enforcement companies dotting the horizon each week.

What does the future hold for DSE? Maxwell Danning is clear in his message. “As the Vanduul advance and unlawful civilian encounters continue to be a presence on the landscape of any business, we feel we are in a prime position to cater to a market willing to opt for a real and aggressive form of insurance rather than the latter.”