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Letter from the Editor: The New Horizon

Letter from the Editor: The New Horizon

As a people, the human capacity to endure hardships, both foreign and self-induced, has allowed us to evolve to a state of significance within our surroundings. None more-so than our recent hardships through economic and political upheaval. If our civilization can overcome the divisive and destructive nature of our past, then perhaps there is hope for our future as well.

Though it has been centuries since the atrocities of the Messer era left their stain on our society, we can still find remnants of corruption around us. Unfortunately with the untimely departure of my predecessor, even closer than we here at CM would like to acknowledge. Without going into the details of our own weaknesses, I feel it is important as the incoming editor in chief to make a clean break from the past. As the new editor of this magazine I feel that we must show our readers that here at Citizen Monthly we are and should be held to a higher standard.

While I do not hold to the beliefs that CM was used as an instrument of propaganda during these recent dark days, I do feel that we need a new focus. And I will do my best to bring that focus to the people themselves.

The citizens and civilians alike who have endured together and emerged to tell their tale are the new evolution of our society. And I would like to help make Citizen Monthly their voice.

As the slate is wiped clean, so are the painful reminders of what we once were. The reason that our slate is somewhat cleaner than expected is because I have made the decision to purge this publication of all past articles, opinions, and features.

There should be no question moving forward that what you read is born from the heart of our culture and its people, unburdened with the stain of politic and oppression.

Citizen Monthly magazine will start anew, and we look forward to hearing your voice, supportive or opposing of our decisions. Please write to us with the stories of your success or failures. We will do our best to feature as many as we can to show other citizens that their experiences may be shared and that they are not alone in the vastness.

– Randall DeMarcus