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Origin 315P: Long-range Hauling Potential

Origin 315P: Long-range Hauling Potential

The 300-series from Origin Jumpworks has long been associated with the style and elegance typical of the company itself. Origin products are an unbeatable fusion of sleek and stable, and are often the beautiful thoroughbreds of many corporate fleets as well as individual owners.

Few models exemplify this form and function design like the 315P. The rugged design and efficient Omni Precision thrusters are what most outer-system enthusiasts are looking for in their exploration of the vast unknown. But there is quite a bit to be said for the 315P as a long-distance trucking craft as well. Today we will cover some of the many aspects to like about the 315P when it comes to your long-haul cargo transport needs.

We’ll start with the ship’s strengths. Like the rest in the series, the 315P is a single pilot craft with ready access to sleeping quarters for extensive auto-pilot runs. And again like the other’s the 315P features wingtip laser mounts and standard missile rack mounts under the upper wing-box for a modest level of security when traveling alone or in a group. Couple these with a Gorgan All-stop shield system and a serviceable power source, and your standard 300 series package is complete.

But of course what sets the 315P apart is its stock  Dragon Stellar primary engine. The  STC Silver offers the exceptional efficiency that void-riders have come to expect when you might go for days between fuel stops. And of course the sacrifice of speed for distance easily translates into a reduced cost of operations when it’s time to look for cutbacks in your budget. In addition, the more muscular K3S-9 power-plant from Alliance Startech will give you a boost in shielding recharge rate should you decide to take a shortcut through a particle field to shave additional kilometers from your run.

“the more muscular K3S-9 power-plant from Alliance Startech will give you a boost in shielding recharge.”Now for a few weaknesses to the 315P as a freighter, and the smallest is of course the largest: cargo space. The 315P is not spacious. At a mere 8 metric tonnes of carrying capacity, it won’t be pushing a Starfarer or Merchantman out of work anytime soon. Small expensive cargo is of course ideal, but with a few modifications, a small convoy of Origin 315P’s could easily carry the volume of an RSI Constellation without the exorbitant fuel and maintenance costs that go along with it.

The Origin is of course unable to match the firepower of a Constellation, another weakness. But a few well-piloted 315P’s may stand a better chance of avoiding conflict altogether, splitting up or scouting jump points before traveling through to any un expected and uncivilized parties that might wait on the other side.

And that leads us to one of the strongest arguments for the Origin 315P as a dedicated long hauler, the standard-equipped Chimera Jump Scanner. If the name of the shipping game is “move it short and fast”, then there is no better way to ensure a tidy profit than taking the shortest route to your destination. And if there is none? Well then sometimes you have to make one.

While we would certainly never encourage an inexperienced citizen to try their hand at finding and navigating an uncharted jump-point, in the hands of a more skilled explorer looking to pay the bills with some cargo drops, a Jump Scanner is your golden ticket to finding the shortest line between A and B.

Sell the information for an additional job bonus, or keep the secret to yourself to beat out the competition. Even one “jumper” on your company’s workforce could turn any break-even route into a big payday route.

While there are always better (and bigger) solutions for the long-distance transport, being creative in your business and taking risks along the way are what sets any entrepreneur apart from the competition. And in the right hand and with the right modifications, the Origin 315P might just give you the edge you need to keep your shipping concern moving in the right direction.