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The Resorts of Cassel: Pandora’s Secret

The Resorts of Cassel: Pandora’s Secret

Located near the coastal town of Emmerson’s Bay in the western hemisphere of Cassel, this small but luxurious resort has a lot to offer the weary business owner looking to un-wind for a week and take in the sites. By no means on-par with the sprawling mega-resorts dotting the surface, Pandora’s Resort caters more to the relaxed life. A simple island experience away from the pounding nightclubs and hard-shop centers.

Pandora features a variety of bungalows with interiors that have been handcrafted by designer Pavel Lantier himself. A stylish mix of island culture and modern sensibilities await your needs as no expense has been spared, nor any comfort ignored.

The many pools and spas are to be expected, warm and soothing with convenient access to bars and poolside amenities. And as expected, there is plenty of room to stretch out and relax without fear of bumping into other guests. In fact it almost feels as though each guest has a pool to themselves, though the resort was by no means empty.

This spread-out nature did result in a feeling of an under-staffed operation at times, a potential knock for some who prefer the catered life, but for me it added to the myth of seclusion that I was absolutely looking for in a tropical setting.

The true jewel of the Pandora’s Secret resort is by far the view. From the many beach-side terraces, you and your guests will be treated to an unparalleled vista featuring pure warm sand and the nearby Goss III reflected serenly in the blue-green oceans. The entire portrait is framed brilliantly by local flora that is now common to those who travel the resort scene, but nevertheless beautiful to behold.

If there is any area for improvement at the Pandora it would be the dining options, which felt sub-standard even for a 3-Diamond resort. Morning and afternoon fare did not feel traditional to the local culture and were a little too touristy for my tastes. A buffet has no place in a luxury resort, in my opinion. The evening dining was a much more complete experience, however, and chef Santiago offered up a rare blend of Cassel-native delicacies grilled and spiced to perfection.

On the whole, Pandora’s Secret is an excellent example of the many private destinations that Cassel has to offer for those who can afford the finer things while traveling, and who truly value their privacy. In fact if you are fortunate enough to find availability, do not be surprised if you encounter an occasional celebrity of glass or stage mingling with the leaders of some of the finest corporations of Terra and more.

- Rolina duBarge is our Travel editor and was nominated for the 2941 Golden Sandal Award.